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This PRME Working Group was configured at the Global Forum 2015 in New York. The focus is on SDG 13 ’Climate Action’ but several other SDGs are also addressed, one example being SDG 6 ‘Clean Water and Sanitation’. The aim of this Working Group goes beyond that of assisting business schools, it also aims to act as a resource for all organisations who wish to embed climate change and environmental education into their teaching and training. 

The working group brings together academics and practitioners from over 20 different countries who have committed to taking action to promote climate change education and action. If you wish to join us please sign up here

The working group is co-chaired by Professor Petra Molthan-Hill of Nottingham Trent University and Dr Alex Hope of Northumbria University.

                       Dr Petra Molthan-Hill                                                             Dr Alex Hope                                                              Zoya Zaitseva                                       

The working group is supported by a global steering committee comprised of colleagues led by Zoya Zaitseva of QS ImpACT Charity.

Professor Petra Molthan-Hill
Dr Alex Hope

The PRME Working Group on Climate Change and Environment has three main objectives:


1. Policy/Strategies: This section provides business schools and universities with policy templates on how climate change and other environmental issues can be integrated into operational policies/strategies but also into learning and teaching policies/strategies.​

2. Teaching: Sharing of good ideas, best practices and innovative training methods on how to integrate climate change and other sustainability issues into management education and training within universities and beyond. A special focus is on how to encourage students to work towards sustainable solutions.

3. Cooperation: Explores the dialogue between business schools and private/public sector organizations especially through Global Compact in order to work together on solutions to climate change and other environmental challenges. The vision is that companies put up ‘wicked ‘ problems and the best brains across the world will contribute to solving them.

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