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'Pass it on', a collaborative effort between Nottingham Business School, oikos international students, and the University of Winchester, aims to show how pop music can be used as a way to discuss climate change, and to show that young people have a voice on the subject. During a workshop at Nottingham Business School organised by Dr Petra Molthan-Hill as part of developing a carbon literacy training for business schools, oikos international students and staff of NTU's Green Academy were asked to write a paragraph each about a) what climate change means to them, b) what the environment means to them, and c) what the future looks like to them. From these prose responses, Glenn Fosbraey, senior lecturer in creative writing at the University of Winchester, shaped them into lyrics, wrote the music, and then brought it to the University's recording studios where it was produced by Niall Thomas, sung by Winchester graduate Hannah Jacobs, and played by members of staff. The song can be used in HE as both a template of how to engage students from different countries, subject areas, and universities in a proactive discussion about climate change, or as a conversation starter that may elicit new ideas or projects.

Music: Glen Fosbraey, Hannah Jacobs. Lyrics: Jessica Berneiser, Andrea Beye, Glenn Fosbraey, Dan Jackson, Magda Kondas, Karen Lin, Paulina Mlada, Petra Molthan-Hill, Vanessa Odell, Clementine Robert. Engineered, Produced, Mastered: Niall Thomas. Additional Engineering: David Rolfs. Vocals: Hannah Jacobs. All Guitars: Natalie Fisk. Bass Guitar: Corin Evans-Pritchard. Drums: Niall Thomas. Additional Programming: Niall Thomas. Creators: Fosbraey, G., Jacobs, H., Berneiser, J., Beye, A., Jackson, D., Kondas, M., Lin, K., Mlada, P., Molthan-Hill, P., Odell, V., Roberts, C., Thomas, N., Fisk, N., Evans-Pritchard, C. and Rolfs, D. Corporate Creators:      University of Winchester, Nottingham Business School, oikos Publisher: University of Winchester Date: 2018

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